Podcasting & Web Video

How do you keep all your customers and clients up to date with what’s going on with your company or the services you provide. The email newsletter has always been the staple ‘go-to’ solution for any marketing department and often they work well.

The problem is we’re all bombarded with them EVERY DAY. So what happens when we can’t be bothered to read your email newsletter, or just don’t have time?

Many organisations are finding that regular Podcasts are a much more efficient (and interesting) way of getting their messages heard - literally. They can be downloaded on a schedule and automatically dropped onto a mobile device, ready to be heard when your audience has time.

Think of a podcast like a downloadable radio program. You can listen online on your computer, on a media player like an iPod, and even on mobile phones! A well conceived, produced, and promoted podcast will improve your business’ visibility, draw visitors to your website, and help brand you as an expert in your field.

Web videos, meanwhile, are fairly self-explanatory … they’re video viewed on the web.  Corporate web videos can be used to assist with your corporate branding, to help with crisis communications, or even spearhead a viral marketing campaign.

Talk to us about how a podcast can help your company and how we can help you achieve it, for example

  • Working with you to determine the type and format of your show
  • Selecting theme music to set the mood
  • Creating graphics to serve as your show’s “logo” on iTunes and elsewhere
  • Expert production of your program
  • Setup of your podcast RSS feed, so others can easily re-use your content
  • Consultation on how to use your program for the maximum impact
  • Submission of your podcast to services like iTunes, YouTube, and podcast directories