About Wilson Digital Media & Online Ticketing

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We actually started out as a mail-order company back in 1997 selling home cinema and DVDs just as they were coming to market. In 1998 we decided we wanted to sell online and what followed was a huge learning curve lasting several years. So much of what we wanted to do hadn’t been done before, so we were experimenting with online shopping systems and marketing technologies.

Over the years we came to know some very clever and reliable people, all of whom have worked with internet systems since the start. After our online concern was sold we decided to take what we’d learned (and were still learning!) and start a business helping other companies.

One area where we have specialised with our Online Ticketing arm is the area of advance booking, reservation and ticketing. The vTicket solution allows us to tailor a system to fit most needs for small to medium-sized venues and sites.

Most organisations of course have to focus on their core business. Many have some kind of marketing drive either in-house or outsourced, but it’s hard to keep pace with the changing landscape of marketing techniques, especially what’s happening online.

That’s where we come in. All we aim to bring is a simple, no fuss attitude to graphic or web design and internet marketing services. We tend to only use the fashionable industry terms when telling clients what they really mean, and that we can help with it.

We’re no fans of the sprawling metropolis so we’re based out in the sticks - it helps us think more clearly. Our talented staff are spread far and wide and we use new communication resources to keep in touch.

We are named in memory of one of the director’s ancestors who fought and died at Gallipoli during the First World War. Our logo is based on one of that campaign’s medals, awarded for bravery.