The Guitar Mule

The Guitar Mule is a site which provides online guitar tution for a monthly subscription. The site we put together for them allows people to sign-up to an account immediately and pay monthly for subscription to the lessons. Once a member you camn create your own list of lessons to complete from the hundreds available and check them off as you go. Each lesson gives video tution plus a printable music score to practise from. You can even enter how much time you’ve practised for each specific lesson and using the unique ‘Mule-O-Meter’ have your progress rated!

What the client said...

It's more than we thought possible and the students love it.
Loz Dewey - The Guitar Mule

Stanton Psychological Services

Established in 1994, Stanton has a long history of providing high quality consultancy and training services to corporate clients. In 2009 they decided to launch a number of training courses for which they needed an online booking facility. The system not only allows for online payment processing, but also for corporate clients to be invoiced separately, a task carried out seim-automatically from the administration interface.

Armchair Entrepreneur

A site to promote and supply the ground-breaking ‘Armchair Entrepreneur’ business strategy collection. Visitors are invited to a free sample of the ‘Armchair Entrepreneur’ which is delivered instantly via email. They can then purchase the full collection at 50% discount within a given time period.

What the client said...

Exactly what we needed. Great design, simple implementation. We even get text messages when Armchair Entrepreneur is sold from the site!
Glenn Lovell - Lovell Publishing

Joiners Live!

The Joiners is one of the South’s most historic music venues. Now over 40 years old, The Joiners proudly still remains one of Southampton’s hotspots for live music, continually bringing a host of prospective music superstars to its small, yet modest stage.

As a stop off venue on that all important and affectionately titled ‘toilet circuit’; acts have poured their heart, soul and sweat into their hard earned gigs to find shortly they are very likely to become the next big thing, gracing the covers of NME, Kerrang! and countless other music mags.

In 2009 they decided they needed a new website that reflected what the Joiners was all about, bringing great new live music to their loyal patrons. What they wanted was a new system which allowed them to feature certain shows and promote others, guiding people to the shows they shouldn’t be missing. They also wanted a complete database of artists with past and present shows, biographies and photos.

Having presented visitors with so many gigs to choose from, they needed a simple way for them to be able to book e-tickets online quickly.

They found all of this in our vTicket Venue booking system.

What the client said...

Truly phenomenal. In our wildest dreams we couldn't have imagined how successful this partnership would become. Our site traffic has doubled and our cashflow has improved massively due to the sheer volume of tickets sold through the site.
- The Joiners, Southampton

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