Wilson Digital Launches New West Somerset Railway Responsive Design Website

Monday 12th January 2015 by Oliver

Today the West Somerset Railway got a new, responsive website design as part of their agreement as a vTicket customer.

The original website, designed and implemented in 2011 by Wilson Digital around their vTicket booking and ticketing platform had become unfit for purpose due to the large number of events and services the railway offers. With guidance from the railway's commercial team, Wilson Digital's team of designers proposed a new, simplified layout which incorporated their main marketing goals moving forward.

These included highlighting the main events of course, displaying general railway information, volunteer opportunities and which service timetables are running on the specific day a visitor comes to the website. The latter involved a new module created specifically as a response to this request which allows potential visitors to see the running timetable for that day with a single click from the home page. This requires interrogation of vTicket's built-in calendar function to ensure that the correct timetable is displayed and is an example of how suggested modifications to the system received from existing clients is helping Wilson Digital to continually improve the features of the vTicket platform.